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Thank you beloved friends across the United States. Your interest, responses and presence is a blessing to Breath of God Ministries and the future of what is to come. Breath of God Ministries is part one of a vision ministry. Keep checking in from time to time to see the exciting plan God has deposited that will bless both America and our friends around the world. The foundation is brewing and simmering on a hot plate with an agenda and mission to reach those traditional ministries have overlooked the past 30 years. So stay tuned!

A Big and hearty Thank You also dear friends in Pakistan, Dublin, Xiamen, Sayreville, Kenya, Nanjing, Beijing, Matawan, Palto-Alto, and throughout Europe for being a part of this network and reading my weekly Blog. Again, thank you for your responses and interest.

Football Theology for Championship Christian Living, is behind schedule. Please pray that it hits the stand in 2018. 
More About Breath of God Ministries:
Breath of God Ministries is about the Breath of God being the source and origin of all life. The breath of God is the divine energy that was inserted (blown) into the physical (flesh) body of Adam enabling him to be a living soul. We all need breath in order to live. IF BREATH leaves your body, you're going one of two places: Heaven or Hell. It is God's divine breath blown into the soul of humanity via the vessel called Adam, is what circulates in our lungs today. This breath, this Spirit of God, that moves, stirs, motivates, heals and inspires is so vital to our existence, that if it were to retire from among us, all of creation would cease to exist. The Breath of God, is GOD. 

God's DNA accompanied His divine breath when the Creator breathed into the nostrils of Adam. This breath is what gave that man LIFE! God being the author and creator of LIFE stands as a supreme and supernatural Usher, welcoming you to 2018 where your purpose on this planet continues and divinely validated by the breath of God entering and exiting your body. Use your body wisely and expeditiously in full compliance with the work that God has given you to do. Anything less, is like salt that isn't salty. A battery with zero charge. A shoe with no bottom. A chair with no seat. A television with no screen. A pair of binoculars with no lenses in them. A Football game with no ball. A book with no pages. A car with no wheels. An army with no soldiers, and a church with no people inside. 

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May God's amazing grace pour showers of blessings upon your ministries and lives as you advance the Kingdom of God.  I look forward to bringing an amazing Word of faith, hope and love to you!
God Bless.
Dr. Wayne M. Reynolds.

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